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Metals European Tour offers the possibility to companies that perform the collection service precious metals, Computer, Franchise Chains, Buy Gold, Jewellers, Dentists, Laboratories Goldsmiths, the ability to take advantage of personalized and profitable business solutions, such as:

  • Analysis of Metals and Essays

  • Locked Price refers to the price on the day of the London market.

  • Purchase the Touch and / or Title Fixed: the metal is weighed on a scale to two decimal places, duly registered c / o Office metric. The estimate does not include the weight of any stones or parts not in gold, the metal occurs through the process of touches: a test is performed on each object to verify its authenticity: To test the gold is used a natural stone jasper: is a stone of crystallized silica, black, hard, which is rubbed on the gold object that leaves a trace. On this track golden, formed by micro particles of gold, the test is performed. We let it act of 'nitric acid on the caliber of the object under examination.
  • Transportation secured and free from its seat.

  • Sample request for feedback

  • Payment in immediate time

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