Why buy gold

  1. Nessun other investment retains its value over time as does the gold!
  2. Investire Gold does not corrode in any case, the availability of cash is seen as simple and easy to turn it into cash with respect to any equity securities, interest rate or currency
  3. The 'Gold "physical" bullion and coins are the safest way to invest their savings
  4. Every industrialized countries (USA, Germany, China, England, France, Japan, Italy ...) buy Gold on the public market to ensure its debts with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and this factor, among others, leads to a steady increase in the price of Gold
  5. The 'Gold is the only asset since ancient times at international level by anyone deemed to be equivalent to money
  6. Nei times of uncertainty in international financial markets due to social unrest, economic crisis, international wars or natural disasters, only the Gold maintains or increases its value
  7. A Unlike investments in currencies, securities or obligations, with the Gold there are no commissions to pay for bank deposits or for individual transactions of purchase / sale
  8. Also in times of inflation the best investment is the Gold
  9. For invest in Gold is not necessary to choose the right time because over time the value of this asset is growing!
  10. The 'Pure Gold is the only investment tax free!

Some of the major economists, moreover, agree that Gold is the only investment that can reasonably maintain and increase its value in the near future. The Gold has been valued for thousands of years, the currency, trade globally. It is still good that buy the National Institutes of credit (among others also the FED - American Central Bank-ECB-European Central Bank-the-PBC-Chinese Central Bank) to ensure their debts at an international level. And this is just one of the markets that makes daily requirement of this so precious. Every day you record purchases of gold on the market for the manufacture of electronic products for the production of jewelry, for products related to health and well-being of each of us ... It 's good always required, a reference for many economic sectors of our daily lives and for this subject unless speculation when compared to other commodities. And the fact that it is so often required creates a deficit balance between the sales / purchases (there is less gold in the market compared to what they require buyers). And it is this deficit which leads to a constant increase in the price.

Metals European Tour gives you the opportunity to invest in Gold, you just choose from the list of our products your ingot, there are ingots of each cut or weight, and this allows anyone to be able to invest in the most valuable asset and in accordance with the their ability or according to its strategy of diversification of investments. You can sell at any time and monetize your gold and get cash in exchange for money. To do so, please always consult Metals European Tour, a specialist in the field of precious metals and certified by approved inspection bodies at the international level. Metals European Tour is a Registered Professional Operators in Gold.